Kpop Cover Festival Application
Thank you for your interest in the festival! This is the form for 2019.
Keep in mind that this application is only open until February 16th 2019 at midnight that night.

Rules and Regulations for this event and the Tekko Idol Festival are found here:

All videos for this application must show you performing something within the Kpop genre.

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Are you applying as an Individual or as part of a group? *
Full Legal Name *
We will not share your full name with the general public without your permission. Put one name for the main contact if you are applying as a group.
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Stage Name for Individual/Group *
This is the name we will introduce you by on stage and in all forms of media. Do not include your real name if you do not want it written/said anywhere.
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Write a description of yourself or your group. Who are you? What's your style? Etc. *
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If applying as a group, list the full names of each group member.
Full legal names required. List ages or dates of birth for all performers.
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Email Address *
This will not be shared. This will be the email we will send all pertinent information to regarding the festival. Feel free to add a secondary email address if you would like another point of contact or any other methods of communication you'd like to provide.
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Link us to all social media that we can tag/use on Tekko's social media to promote your involvement in the festival.
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Provide us links to at least two images we can use to promote your involvement in the festival.
This can be pictures of people, logos, etc. You may leave this blank if you don't want any photos or logos used in promotion.
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Audition Video
To fill out this section, you'll have to have filmed your audition video as outlined in the guidelines document linked at the top of this form.
Are you applying to sing, dance, or both? *
If singing, link your audition clip here.
Your audition clip must be at least 2 minutes in length. If applying as a group, all members must sing for at least 10 full seconds minimum. You may provide up to 3 separate videos to demonstrate you and your group's singing ability.
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If singing, name the artist and song you are auditioning with.
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If dancing, link your dance audition clip here.
Your audition video must be 2 minutes long and must show your full body and face. You may provide multiple videos to help your audition, no more than 3. If you have members of your group that are not in your main audition video but want to perform in the Festival, you must provide separate videos of them dancing to the same choreography.
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If dancing, provide a link to the original dance/choreography you're performing for your audition *
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Festival Song Choices
Below, provide the information needed for songs you'd like to perform. Please be aware that the sooner you fill this out, the more likely you are to get your song choices! We may cut down the number of songs given out to everyone based on demand.
How many song slots are you applying for? *
Time slots will not exceed 15 minutes maximum, and most will not exceed 12 minutes. If you would like to do more than 3 songs within your time as a medley, a mix, etc please state so in the "other" category.
Preferred Song Choices for the Festival *
Write out, from most preferred to least preferred, your top song choices and provide a link for the choreography for each. Provide your preferred songs for the number of slots you chose to apply for in the question above, plus two extra songs you'd like to perform in case of overlap with any other performer's choices. If performing a medley, describe how the medley will be put together, how long it will be (one song slot is 4:45 maximum) and any other important details.
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Notes section! Provide any other requests, information, etc here.
If you are planning on using the festival as a place to collaborate with another applicant, note that here. If you want to be performing back to back with any other acts, also note that here. Note anything else important that we may need to know.
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