Bus Service sign-up form 2019-20*
*Space permitting, you can use this form now to book a 3-day trial of our school bus service at no cost to your family. For this trial you must book latest by tomorrow, Tuesday August 20. The trial will include the morning pickup and the afternoon drop off, to the nearest van-accessible point next to you home address. The trial service will commence on Monday August 26 and conclude Wednesday August 28. Due to limited capacity, we will FIRST honor the bus service requests for the annual service, then continue allocating the trial requests on a first come, first served basis, until capacity. Please note that there are several parts of Skopje the transportation company doesn't service, so in certain cases, we might not be able to provide you with the service.
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Please note that our buses will leave school at 3:15 pm every afternoon, and that the designated drop-off time might vary with any subsequent route changes or traffic conditions
Bus Service Terms of Contract
NOVA International Schools has contracted with a transportation company (Transportation
Service) to transport the children listed on the application form, whose parents have requested
the service for the stated school year, according to the conditions set forth below by the Bus
Service and Conditions document.
2. School transportation will be delivered by bus and on all school days between the school and the
stop nearest to the address indicated on this form, based on the school’s officially published
3. Only those students who are properly enrolled may use the transportation service. This means
the contract was submitted, accepted and payment was made.
4. To the extend permitted by law, the school shall be liable only for fault in selection of the
outsourced transportation company, whose liability shall, however, be limited to intent and gross
5. The school and transport company shall not be liable, in particular, when the bus arrives late,
does not run or does not serve a given stop. On the other hand, the school and transport
company shall make every effort to provide efficient service at all times.
6. Each student is required to use only his/her designated bus stop.
7. Each student under the age of 12 must be accompanied to and met at the proper stop by one of
his parents or another person authorized by the parents on every day he/she attends school.
8. The student should be at the designated stop five minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
9. The student must behave responsibly and according to the stated Bus Guidelines, posted on each
school bus. Failure to meet Bus Guidelines may lead to suspension.
10. The school reserves the right to suspend a student from school transportation temporarily or for
the remainder of the school year. Under such circumstances the transportation fee shall not be
11. Parents may not initiate technical changes, e.g. the location of a stop, but must request such
changes through the transport company.
12. Persons other than students in attendance at the school may not use school transportation
without permission of the transport company.
13. The school reserves the right to change routes, times or fees after due notice has been given to
the parents.
14. Parents will be able to receive a prorated refund, resulting from a cancelation of service, only in
the instance if there is another student to take over the emptied seat on the bus.
15. In case a provision of this contract should be void in full or in part, this does not affect the validity
of the remaining provisions.
16. The validity and effect of this contract shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the
Republic of Macedonia. In case of a lawsuit, the Skopje Primary Court has full authority.
The undersigned parent/guardian has agreed to all mutual rights and responsibilities set
forth in this contract.
Please confirm that you have read and understand the Bus Service Terms of Contract *
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