Mentor Interest Form 2018-2019
This form is for women who are interested in serving as a junior mentor for a philosophy job candidate in 2018-2019. The criteria for serving as a mentor are that you (a) currently hold a permanent academic post and (b) have had job market experience at the junior level in the past seven years. For this year, there are no geographical constraints. Currently we are only matching women volunteers, but in the future we may be able to match others. If you have any questions, please email
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What is your full name? *
What institution currently employs you? *
What is your job title? *
In what year were you last on the job market at the junior level? *
In what year did you get your Ph.D.? *
Where did you get your Ph.D.? *
What subfields do you work in? *
Please tell us what you would consider your primary AOS, as well as any secondary AOS's. This information is a key factor in matching mentors and candidates.
What is your email address? *
Are you applying for jobs or serving on a search committee this year? *
Barring unusual circumstances, we are very unlikely to appoint as mentors those who are themselves applying for jobs or serving on a search committee.
Do you have any special experiences or circumstances that would help us match you with a candidate?
(E.g. member of an under-represented group, two-body problem, subfield issues, etc.)
When you were on the market, what sort of jobs did you apply for?
If you have experience with the job market outside the US, with what regions are you familiar?
Some candidates will be coming from or applying to jobs outside the US.
Did you serve as a mentor in past years? (check all that apply)
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