GSA Research Showcase of Innovative Design and Methods in IDT and Learning Sciences
1. Authorship: Graduate student applicant must be the 1st author, but can have co-authors who are either graduate students or faculty.
2. Status: The research can be in its proposal phase or already completed. If the applicant is graduating, the study should have been completed within 1 year.
3. Originality: Showcase proposals should not have been already accepted by another AECT division (Disclaimer: The applicant can submit a similar research topic to one that has been already accepted, but the proposal should be modified to focus on the methodology or research design.)

Proposal Format:
1. Proposal abstract should include: background, relevant literature, theoretical perspective, methods, and findings (if any). However, the proposal should have a clear focus on the use of an innovative and/or rigorous use of design and methods.
2. Proposal length should not exceed 750 words
3. Proposal should include a short description (75 words or less) to be included in the AECT program
4. Proposals should adhere to APA guidelines
4. File should be submitted in PDF form
5. Proposals should highlight research conducted in the area of Instructional Design and Technology and/or Learning Sciences
6. Deadline for Proposal Submission is May 31st, 2019

1. Proposal reviews will take place immediately after the proposal submission due date.
2. Accepted proposals will be identified by June 7th, 2019
3. Accepted applicants will receive a Certificate of Congratulations and will present/have their poster displayed during the AECT Poster Gallery Walk (Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019)
Questions should be sent to Nate Turcotte ( and Kiran Budhrani (

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