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Hi, I'm Becca :) A few months ago I was looking for more purpose and another income. I've always had the traditional jobs over the years, where I had to commute to an office, report to a boss, and clock in and out at certain times. I just wasn't happy in that life anymore and wanted a business of my own that I could use my skills and strengths to the fullest.

As a photographer and photo retoucher, I don't get paid for time off and it is super easy to get burnt out. The long hours at the computer and spending weekends away from friends and family was tough. I wanted another source of income so I could choose the clients I wanted to work with and when.

I wanted to be able to work from anywhere and I was so over the long commutes in traffic every day. The ability to have the flexibility to work where and when I wanted, was a dream for me.

I recently partnered with the #1 luxury vegan, anti-aging, hair care company, building an online business through social media by sharing and educating about the products. The best part is, everyone washes their hair. It's as simple as wash your hair and share products you love with those around you. You can help people with specific issues they're struggling with.

If you want to be a part of a support community, earn extra income, be surrounded by others who want to better themselves, or just feel stuck and needing a change in your life--I want to help! I want to help you feel happy with what you're doing each day and figure out how to use your skills alongside this business to make it your own. If you spend a lot of time scrolling on your phone, you can turn that time to work your business and start getting paid for it. And I promise you, it is fun!

If this sounds like you or if you are here because you are simply interested in what I do and would like to learn more, fill out my application below and we can chat about your goals!
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