Linked-In lecture 13/3
This form is now closed. You're still very welcome to come to the event but can't register for a free lunch sandwich anymore.

Welcome to a lunch lecture with Naturvetarna (The union of professional natural scientists in Sweden). You will become a pro at LinkedIn and will get tips on how you can find the right job for you! Do you want to establish contacts for your profressional life? How can you as a students become more visible for relevant employers and recruiters? We give you the answers on how you can create an attractive profile on LinkedIn and present yourself for a potential employer.
We welcome all students that study at a program in the natural sciences - regardless of grade.

The lecture will be in English and takes place at Å2001 at lunch.

In the evening we will have a workshop where we can immediately apply our new knowledge on our LinkedIn profiles, take professional pictures, and help each other. See the FB event:

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