Forward Swift - Call for Speakers & Workshops
We've hosted four amazing events over the last two years doing Forward Web Summit and are excited to be putting on Forward Swift in parallel with Forward Web Summit in July 28, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Responses will be accepted until April 30, 2016.

For all speakers/workshop teachers we provide pre-event festivities, swag, day-of speaker ready rooms, and guest passes.

Ideas for talks/workshops would include Intro -> Advanced Swift techniques, cool things you're doing, Obj-C -> Swift migrations, Post WWDC info/wrap ups, community focused talks, etc. But mostly, be creative. If you're doing something amazing with Swift and want to share it with the community, do it.

Thanks so much for submitting a talk/workshop. (Feel free to fill out the form multiple times if you have multiple workshop/talk ideas). Check out the current goings on at

Selection criteria: We value talks about technology, society, culture or a personal experience that are spoken in an individual and authentic voice. Generally:
- Depth is valued over breadth.
- Technology is valued over products.
- Architecture and best practices are valued over personal preferences and personal projects.
- Open source is valued over closed ecosystems.
- We try to select some topical talks.

All of our events and workshops are covered by

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