2020 End of Year Disney Trip for BRCVPA
Dear BRCVPA 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Families,

We are wanting to plan an end of the year trip to the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando Florida! The trip will be packed full of fun and excitement and learning to cap off a great time as students of BRCVPA.

We want to offer the trip to any 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader who would like to and be able to attend. We will be participating in a educational program called Acting 101, where cast members of the Disney company will instruct students during a workshop on acting skills. They will also get to watch a professional resort stage show and interact with the cast in a Q and A session.

As with every field trip, the cost is determined by how many students are willing to go. For example, the cost of the chartered bus will be the same regardless of whether 75% full or 100% full.

We are trying very hard to keep this trip as close to or under $950 per person so remember, the more students that go, the less the cost will be!

This is an educational trip that we are very excited about!

Expected Travel Dates - May 25-28
Leave BR Sunday May 24, 2020 - Evening
In Disney World – May 25-28, 2020
Return to BR Friday May 29, 2020 – Morning

Expected Itinerary:

4 days at Disney Theme Parks – students go with chaperones to individual parks at their leisure
One 3 hour educational package – Performance Workshop

We are looking into fundraisers for the trip, but know that fundraised money is not guaranteed. We are looking at Dollar Free Dress Days, Dollar Pickle Day, and Christmas and Valentine Candy Grams.

What’s Included: (These prices are estimates; we won't know final costs until we know the final number attending and we book with Disney)

Rooms: $200 (per person; amount will depend on number attending, 3 nights)

Food: $160 Dining Card (approximately $40 per day) - these cards never expire and can be used on most food and drink items.

Tickets: $350.00 (park hoppers for 4 days, includes performing arts workshop)

Shirts: $25 (four shirts, one for each day)

Bus: $200 round trip, approximately

Approximately: $935 per participant

Chaperones are needed and all participants will receive the same pricing listed above.

Please fill out the form and let us know about your interest! Thank you!
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