IR eSports Mobile Challenge
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By filling the form:- The participant allows IR eSports & their agencies, collectively & individually known as the ‘organisers’, to use their real image in connection with promoting the series. - The participant allows IR eSports to use their car's image & name as part of our series indefinitely. - The participant allows IR eSports to use their name & their participation for promotions - The participant confirms & accepts full responsibility that they will be driving themselves & will not allow a 3rd person / bot, to participate on their behalf during any session or any part of any any session.- The participant must ensure that all information given to IR eSports via this form or via other means, about themselves like their past achievements / age / location / social media handles, etc are all 100% accurate. Any attempt to falsify or give wrong information will lead to disqualification and / or reporting to the relevant authorities, if required. Some of the information given will be used for giving information to the media and therefore factual accuracy is vital.- IR eSports is not responsible to the participant or any third party, in case wrong information given by a participant is released in a public sphere. The consequences of any such situation, will be borne by the participant. IR eSports & their sponsors / partners have the right to take legal action against any participant wilfully giving wrong information. - If the participant's screen name is different from their real name, this must be specifically mentioned to us.- IR eSports have the right to levy any penalties for any wrong or inadvertent action on part of the participant or in a situation where a participant may have gained an unfair advantage.- All participants must adhere to the rules as laid down by IR eSports. These will be made available on request by a participant.- IR eSports has the right to change the rules without assigning a reason whatsoever.-The organisers at their discretion, reserve the right to give additional awards / prizes / seats in future competitions, to any number of winners.- All participants must act in a fair and sporting manner.- All participants must interact in a civil & polite manner. Use of offensive language and posts are not allowed.- IR eSports is not responsible for the commitments made by 3rd parties for prizes / awards granted. Additional terms & conditions would be in place to claim / earn the award and IR eSports is not responsible or liable in anyway if a participant is unable to use / claim any prize / award, due to their inability to claim the award for any reason.- No award / prize, is transferable to any 3rd person, unless expressly approved by IR eSports. - Decision of IR eSports on all matters will be treated as final-The organizers reserve the right to terminate the race/competition/contest without further notice-The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant not meeting the code of conduct criteria or creates hurdles in the organization of the event- IR eSports reserves the right to extend / shorten, the length of the competition, change dates, select participants in case of a shortfall, etc-The organizers reserve the right to change the rules, terms and conditions at any point and it is the participant's responsibility to check them regularly. The complete rules are available to read on - IR eSports are not responsible for any losses caused to a participant due to reasons within or outside the control of IR eSports. Participants are aware that numerous issues (solvable / unsolvable) may affect the results. These include, but are not limited to – loss of internet or strength of internet at either organiser’s end or participant’s end or elsewhere, glitches / failure in the game, glitches / failure in organiser’s equipment or participant’s equipment, power failure or fluctuations, heating of organiser’s or participant’s equipment, failure or glitch in 3rd party equipment, failure / glitch in another participant’s equipment, and many other possibilities.- Trademarks / copyrights, of the sponsors / partners / games, are the property of the respective owners. - IR eSports reserves the right to tweak the regulations / take any action possible, in situations where participants or a third party are unfairly / illegally, trying to influence the outcome of the competition. - IR eSports can compel a participant to prove their eRacing capabilities in the presence of IR eSports personnel, in case there is a doubt on the authenticity of the results under their name. IR eSports will be the sole judge on the competency of a participant. DONOT PLAY THE GAME FOR MORE THAN FOUR HOURS A DAY AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH AND ALLOCATE A REASONABLE AMOUNT TO YOUR DAILY LIFE. *
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