2021 Post Festival Survey
The South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) produced the 19th annual (and first-ever virtual) Wild & Scenic Film Festival January 14-24, 2021. We strive to make improvements every year and we'd like to hear from you about your experience at the 2021 Festival. We would be grateful if you took a few minutes to share with us what you loved, where we need improvements, and feedback about your overall experience as an attendee, filmmaker, sponsor, volunteer, etc.

Thank you for your time and support of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Be assured that your personal information will remain confidential and any feedback shared will be used only to support bettering SYRCL's Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

Jess Swigonski
Festival Director

P.S. If you finish the entire survey, you are welcome to enter your name in a drawing for a Wild & Scenic Film Festival merchandise bundle. This is entirely optional since your responses will no longer be anonymous; they will, however, remain confidential.
1. Overall, how would you rate your experience at Wild & Scenic?
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2. How many Wild & Scenic Film Festivals have you attended?
Clear selection
3. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the virtual platform Eventive
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4. If you attended a festival event that was FREE to the public, please rate your experience
Not Applicable
Activist Workshop
Art Exhibition
Filmmaker Q&A Session
Media Lounge
Self-guided Excursions
Special Programming (Talks and Live Painting)
Virtual Lobby or Happy Hour
Youth Workshop
Clear selection
5. Which type of pass did you purchase? (check all that apply)
6. Keeping in mind this event is a fundraiser, how much value for the money was Wild & Scenic Film Festival?
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7. On average, how many people (including yourself) watched the films using your pass and/or ticket?
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8. Did you experience any technical issues with the virtual festival?
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9. If so, what type of issues were experienced?
10. How would you rate WSFF tech support?
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11. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival strives to offer content that covers a variety of issues and genres. Of the below genres, please rate how satisfied you were with the quality of the content.
Very Satisfied
Very Unsatisfied
Not Applicable / Uncertain
Energy/Climate Change/Resources
Environmental Justice
Land Preservation
Sustainable Living
Water/River Issues
Clear selection
12. We strive to screen films as professionally and seamlessly as possible with regards to the audio/visual experience. How did we do?
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13. Please provide any other comments regarding content here.
14. If you purchased a Festival Pass or Ticket Pack, was it clear what was included/what wasn't included with your Festival Pass or Pack?
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15. How would you rate your ticket purchasing and registration experience?
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16. How would you rate the Wild & Scenic homepage, www.wildandscenicfilmfestival.org, in terms of it supplying the information you were seeking?
Clear selection
17. How would you rate the virtual festival site WSFF.eventive.org, in terms of it supplying the information you were seeking?
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18. How useful is the official printed program booklet?
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How did you hear about this event?
20. What did you like about Wild & Scenic Film Festival?
21. What did you dislike about Wild & Scenic Film Festival?
22. What improvements or additions would you suggest?
23. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience?
24. Has the Wild & Scenic Film Festival influenced any changes in your lifestyle? If yes, please let us know how; mark all that apply or add in your own.
25. Which category below includes your age?
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26. What is the highest grade or level of school you have completed?
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27. What is your gender?
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28. What is your household's annual income?
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29. In what ZIP code is your home located (5 digit code)
30. Which of the following best represents your racial or ethnic heritage? Choose all that apply*
31. Are you a dues-paying member of the South Yuba River Citizens League, the nonprofit that produces the Wild & Scenic Film Festival?
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32. Did you learn more about SYRCL at the Film Festival?
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34. What was your primary affiliation with the 2021 Wild & Scenic Film Festival?
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The survey is now completed. Thank you for taking time to provide feedback. We truly value your opinions.

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