POrtalBurn Board Application
Welcome to the application for a position on the POrtalBurn Board of Directors (BOD)!

Before completing this application please read the bylaws found here:


Your qualifications should be a love of POrtalBurn and a desire to keep growing this event to its full potential.
Your responsibilities include showing up, contributing to decision making, and community building!

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to attend an upcoming virtual Board meeting.
This is your opportunity to 'shadow' the BOD, so we can get to know each other a little bit better during the vetting process.

To find out more about what the role is all about you can read the BOD agreement:

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It's important to us that you understand the board by-laws. Please let us know here if you have any questions or concerns, and indicate that you have read them.
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City / state / region. If you plan to move any time soon that will be helpful to know as well.
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I.e PortalBurn - 2, Burning Man - 4
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What is your event and/or project management experience? *
Please tell us about any burn and/or non-burn related experiences.
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What skills do you have that make you an effective leader?
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Can you make the time commitment that the position requires?
POrtalBurn BOD members attend monthly meetings, with additional meetings as the event approaches. We spend 5 days on-site and attend bi-annual retreat weekends. We work on projects and respond to planning conversations throughout the year.
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