Electronic Official Final Transcript Request
Use this form to request your official final ELECTRONIC transcripts to be sent DIRECTLY TO THE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY through one of these application platforms: GaFutures, UGA, Common Application, My Coalition, NCAA, NAIA, SendEdu and/or email.

Do not use this form to order extra HARD COPIES of your official final transcript. Hard copies are ordered on MPP and will be mailed to your home.

Please read each section carefully and complete as requested to make sure your final transcript is sent on time and arrives as you indicate.

Remember that the college you commit to is the only college that needs to receive your final transcript.
Email address *
Your full name (last, first) *
What is your name and relationship to the student above? (eg, parent, step-parent, guardian, student) *
The last 4 digits of the student's ID # *
Cell phone number where you can be reached *
Please send the ELECTRONIC OFFICIAL FINAL TRANSCRIPT to the college listed below. *
Please use the following method to submit my ELECTRONIC OFFICIAL FINAL TRANSCRIPT (pick one) *
IF the transcript must be emailed, please provide the name of the recipient, the title of the recipient, and the email address of the recipient (available on the college website or contact the college and ask them for this information). The emailed transcript must be sent Encrypted to one recipient not a department.
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