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Book of John
Chapter 3             New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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Name one of the more predominant infancy gospels not included in the canon of the NT. *
The proto-gospel of James narrates events leading up to what event? *
Who is Nicodemus? *
When Nicodemus addresses Jesus as Rabbi, what is he acknowledging? *
What proves to Nicodemus that he is from God? ( v.2 ) *
What two elements are mentioned as a part of being born again? ( v. 5 ) *
To be born again or to be born anew has a greek syntax to mean " from above ". *
The only begotten Son came into the world that it might be _______________. *
Hint: ( v. 17 )
After this meeting with Nicodemus Jesus went to Judea and did what with his disciples?
Hint: ( v, 22
John the Baptist declared that Jesus must __________, but that he must _______________. ( v. 30 )
Who is the bridegroom and bride in this eternal work of grace?
Hint: ( v. 29 ), ( 2 Corinthians 11:2 ), ( Ephesians 21-32 )
Grace as defined by Augustine led to deep issues that are still a matter of debate in the Western Church?
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Augustine's notorious doctrine of predestination grows out of his doctrine of grace. Since the initial gift of grace does not depend in any way on our good will or merits, it is up to God who receives it. It therefore is God's choice that ultimately differentiates between the saved and the damned. This idea is called _______________ by theologians.
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What did you find most fascinating about the third chapter of John's gospel?
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