Lakeshore HS Choirs 2018-2019 Student/Parent Information Form
By completing this form, we (the student and parent) are confirming that we: read the Handbook, understand the expectations, and are ready to commit to following it as a member of the Lakeshore Choirs. We are also agreeing to the rehearsals and performances listed in this Handbook. Parents are giving permission for the events in the schedule and releasing their email address to the Choir Parent Organization for communication purposes. In addition, I, the student, acknowledge that I have read Lakeshore’s Code of Conduct (in the student agenda). I understand that the use/or possession of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is illegal and against Lakeshore Public School Policy and the consequences will follow the guidelines. I also understand that it is the student’s responsibility to represent the Lakeshore Choirs and the Lakeshore Schools in the best positive way, including attitude, language, and interaction with others.
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The Lakeshore Choir program needs YOUR help! the success of our choirs is highly augmented by the support of the Lakeshore Choir members' parents and guardians. Please let our Choir Parent Organization know if you could assist with any of the following
Uniform fittings or alterations *
In September, parent help greatly improves the quality of the fit and look of our students in uniforms. If you are available at any time to come in during the day to assist with fittings or if you are able to do alterations during or outside of the school day, please respond with a "yes." We have had assistance from the band parents in the past two years.
Concert Help *
Hand out programs, serve as an usher, check uniforms, etc.
Chaperone *
Chaperone needs vary throughout the year and will require a background check through Central Administration
Fundraising *
Help process orders on weekdays and/or weekends. Willing to assist with fundraising order collection or help on the day students pick up their orders
General Volunteer: Please contact me whenever you need volunteers. I'll help if I can. I'm usually available: *
Publicity Permission *
The Lakeshore Choirs occasionally use pictures or names of students in the Lakeshore Light, the Herald Palladium, and on web pages of Lakeshore schools. We will use pictures OR names, not both. You may choose not to have your student's name or picture used for publicity.
Parental Consent: I do hereby give Ms. Rohwer or any other Lakeshore faculty member present permission to sign an authorization form for emergency medical treatment for my child during class or any other Vocal Music Department activities held outside of the school day for the 2017-2018 school year. I also recognize that Ms. Rohwer and Lakeshore Public Schools are not liable for any injury that may happen to my child during class, rehearsal, performance, or choir related activities. *
Agreeing to this consent is as valid as a signature
I give Ms. Rohwer permission to distribute over-the-counter Tylenol or Ibuprofen if my child has a headache or injury pain. *
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