Sri Gavisiddeshwar Arts, Science & Commerce College, Koppal - Student Satisfaction Survey
Dear Students, You are attending college classes and giving internal test. Kindly provide your opinion
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1. Are you satisfied regarding syllabus coverage? *
2. Was teaching reached your understanding? *
3. Are you satisfied with Internal Marks System? *
4. Did teacher provide feedback on your assignment effectively? *
5. Was teaching and mentoring helpful for your overall development? *
6. Did teacher specify what he / she aim to teach to before start of class? *
7. Did teacher provide good examples and analogies? *
8. Did teacher individually care your needs in class? *
9. Did teacher use discussion and demonstration in the classroom ? *
10. Are there effective programmes to develop your personality? *
11. Whether teacher uses LCD Projector in Class Teaching? *
12. Are you satisfied regarding teaching, examination, guidance in your college? *
Give three suggestion to improve teaching, examination and other co-curricular activities of college.
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