Teen/SPA/Strength and Conditioning COVID Understanding

I will not send my kid(s) to EHP if they are not feeling well and I will contact ehpcrossfit@gmail.com if my child is sick with something.
I will notify EHP staff if my child has a positive case of COVID-19 or if I/they have known contact with someone who currently has had/has a case of COVID-19.
I will NOT send my child to EHP if they or someone in your family tests positive for COVID-19 or come into contact with someone who has a positive case.
I will self quarantine my child/family if either of the above cases are true.
I understand that if my child tests positive for COVID-19 I must immediately tell EHP CrossFit and that I will be asked to sign a Release of Information notifying any staff or athlete that my child may have come in contact with that they had a positive test result so they may take any positive action needed to care for themselves, get tested, and ensure their loved ones are safe.
I will discuss and review what social distancing is with my child and ask them to follow these guidelines while in a group setting at EHP.
I understand that if my child doesn't adhere to these rules that they will be asked to leave the class.
I attest that I will not use reckless behavior when allowing my child to return to large crowds/gathering places and then return to EHP.
I understand that if EHP has a COVID-19 case they would likely be closed for at least two weeks.
I understand that each day my child will have an established set of equipment that they will use and that we will not be sharing equipment.
I understand that certain equipment that is not able to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected will not be able to be used at this time.
I understand that my child has been asked to bring some of their own personal equipment so as to not risk cross contamination of those equipment pieces that can not be thoroughly cleaned and to prepare to be outdoors
Recommended equipment: water bottle, sidewalk chalk, towel or yoga mat, appropriate athletic attire, sunscreen, hat/headband/hair tie, jackets
I understand that EHP can’t control what each athlete does outside of EHP so I take full responsibility for my and my child’s actions outside of EHP.
I understand that EHP will adhere to the MN State’s Social Distancing Guidelines and will not allow for more people to gather than recommended.
I understand that my child will be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer when they arrive for the class and we encourage them to use it as they leave.
I understand that classes may be cancelled due to in-climate weather- Heavy Rain, Lightning, Tornado warning/watches or any weather condition deemed unsafe by the EHP staff.
I understand that the majority of my child’s classes will take place outside but due to the MN State Youth Sports Guidelines that it may be moved indoors keeping all social distancing policies in place.
I understand that the EHP staff is prepared to make you/your child’s CrossFit, SPA and Sports Performance Class the best hours of their week!

I understand by typing my name and my child/children's names below we agree and will abide by the above.
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