Youth Exchange "Youth For Stray Dogs"
About the Youth Exchange
Animals play a huge role in our lives and in the environment. Therefore, it’s in our best interest to help them.
Human behavior is an important factor in determining the stray dogs’ population dynamics. It is important to be a responsible dog’s owner and give the possibility to people to learn how to become one. The best and most effective way to help homeless animals is to raise awareness in the community.

In “Youth For Stray Dogs” project 21 young people and youth workers from three European countries facing a high number of stray dogs in most part of the territory (Croatia, Greece, Serbia) will work together to exchange knowledge and skills among youth and local communities about empathetic dog population management, and to encourage dog responsibility for future owners. Participants will be actively involved by doing manual and creative activities and they will be a support for local dogs’ shelters. Some activities will be:

- Reuse materials for creating toys and sweaters for dogs to donate to dogs’ shelters
- Create food/water dispensers and beds for stray animals in Greece
- Create an informative brochure about stray animals to share during a public event in Zadar
- Organize local activities for informing the communities and increase their empathy for the animals
- Visit a dogs shelter and interview with a dog trainer
- Group reflections and discussions about topics related to animal rights

The objectives of the project are:

1. Promote responsible ownership: encouragement of communities by youth about greater dog responsibility for future owners
2. To raise awareness for animal rights and adoptions
3. To increase positive attitude of human population for all other living feeling beings
4. Youngsters’ active help by practical activities

Important note:

- Be aware that we may encounter stray animals especially in Greece, so stronger emotions may appear (it is natural and not wrong, let them flow)
- If you see a stray animal you can help him, but you should do so with caution. Never approach stray dogs without an expert especially if they look scared, for the safety of the dog and everyone involved
- We will have contact with dogs in shelters, that are already tested for various diseases and their overall health
- To reflect on emotions and to release them, we will have moments of reflections as well as games and energizers


Zadar, Croatia
27th - 28th March 2021

Youth Exchange
Zadar, Croatia
14th - 18th May 2021

Youth Exchange
Katakolo - Pyrgos, Greece
2nd – 6th September 2021

Participant application: 15th January 2021

Join us on this positive and helpful journey!
Important info
We kindly ask you to fill this application form. These are the minimum requirements from you what we need in order to make the quality assessment of your application. In any case, we are going to inform you about our decision. The decision can be that you are selected, that you are on the waiting list or that you are rejected. Please keep in mind that if we select you, we are going to ask further data from you in order to fulfill our legal obligations and create a maximum safety for your participation in the project.

We keep your personal data confidential. If you have any questions regarding the youth exchange, please contact us via e-mail:

We will only consider applications which are fully completed.

While you are filling the application form, please keep in mind the following:

- Write in English
- Give valid data
- Be specific and concise

By applying for this youth exchange, you declare:

- that you have read the info-pack;
- that you have the adequate participant profile;
- that you are aware of the aims and objectives of this youth exchange

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