Survey - Managing Talent in an Increasingly Freelance (or 'Gig') Economy
This survey will help us to collect views from practicing managers on how companies in our industry sector currently engage with professionals on a short-term, possibly freelance, basis; the drivers and obstacles to this, and related views on attracting, developing and retaining talent.

A report distilled from this survey and follow-up questions will be presented in the #EIILResearchConference Series in September-October 2018. Participants at these conferences will be asked to complete a similar survey during the conference, but this time projecting their thoughts to respond for their view of their company in 5 to 10 years time.

A final report from the two surveys and conference inputs will be presented at the EIIL Members' day on November 29th in Brussels.

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1. Industry 4.0 is leading to a reduction of entry level engineering and technical jobs in comparison to 5 years ago. Also to a reduction in the next or next but one development roles. Do you agree/disagree?
2. With increased fragmentation of companies, variety of experience (essential to future leadership roles) is increasingly likely to come from rotations outside our own company. Do you agree/disagree?
3. To get the full benefits of Industry 4.0 organisations should become more agile; a flexible workforce should be encouraged with more short-term or freelance workers. Do you agree/disagree?
How common is short-term or freelance working in your company?
4. Please select the three most important drivers towards increasing short-term or freelance working in your company
5. Which do you see as the biggest obstacles to increased short-term or freelance working in your company? (Select any which apply)
6. In your company the proportion of professional level employees older than 50 is:
7. My company has specific training to develop knowledge transfer skills in older workers
8. In my company the workplace culture is Dinosaur- rather than Gen C-centric [This question refers to definitions of generations which will be presented at our conference. 'Dinosaurs' are Baby-boomers and Generation X, born before 1965; Gen C is also referred to as Generation Z, the youngest of the Millenials born around or after 1995].
9. We have the right skills to engage freelance workers effectively to do specific contractually defined tasks. Do you agree/disagree ?
10. We have the skills to spot and nurture freelance talent, and to develop them to do core integral management or leadership activities. Do you agree/disagree?
11. Please indicate the extent to which mentoring takes place within your company (select any which apply):
12. Do you currently train freelancers engaged in your company? Select one from:
13. How does your company use employment Agencies including head-hunters? (select any which apply)
14. Does your company work closely with city authorities to promote regional benefits when it is looking to attract talent?
15. Is there a role for city authorities in coordinating or matching sector-based mentoring programmes ?
16. How does your company treat those employees which leave? Select any statements which apply:
17. How well-integrated are freelance workers in your company? Select one:
18. Which of the following issues, known to be of importance to young people when seeking a career, are you aware of from your most recent recruits/early leavers? Select any which apply:
19. Does your recruitment promise include/ address any of the following issues known to be of importance to young people when seeking a career? Select any which apply:
20. Are your receiving managers (those who are the first managers of new recruits) aware of your recruitment promise? Select one from:
Thank you for filling in the survey.
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