2019 Tiny Farmhouse Application

Georgia Organics is providing a farmer with the opportunity to place a "tiny farmhouse" on their farm. Built in 2015 by students in UGA's Green Building and Tiny House Movement class, this tiny house has been lightly used since it was awarded to Walker Farms. This $20,000 asset is ideal for a farmer looking for an affordable housing option, on-farm housing for employees, or an additional revenue stream. Before applying for the Tiny Farmhouse, interested parties should be aware of the farmer responsibilities and associated costs with receipt and ownership of the home.

Site responsibilities include:

1) Level site to accommodate at minimum an 8.5’ by 24’ trailer

2) Open road access to the site so house can be driven in

3) Electricity hookup (TT-30R NEMA Outlet mounted on pole within 50’ of the rear of the trailer) and associated costs

4) Plumbing hookup (a frost-proof water spigot, connected to potable water line within 50’ of the rear of the trailer) and associated costs

5) Drain field (gray water drain field or conventional sewer/septic hookup) and associated costs

6) 12” x 12” concrete blocks for blocking house trailer and associated costs

7) Steps to tiny house door and associated costs

Ownership responsibilities include:

1) Covering the cost of transportation of the Tiny Farmhouse. The cost depends on the recipient's location, with possible cost share opportunities once a price is established.

2) Signing a Bill of Sale with Georgia Organics upon receipt of the title for the Tiny Farmhouse which outlines conditions/ representations of ownership.

3) Maintaining occupancy of the Tiny Farmhouse for the stated purpose

4) General maintenance and upkeep of the Tiny Farmhouse. Because this is a used Tiny Farmhouse, this may include a fresh coat of exterior paint or minor repairs, as the owner deems necessary.

5) Participation in promotional aspects of the Tiny Farmhouse project by sharing photos, videos, testimony, etc. with Georgia Organics staff

6) Participation in annual feedback/survey on the Tiny Farmhouse design and impact on farmer prosperity

The cost of establishing a suitable site and maintaining the Tiny Farmhouse will vary and should be considered by the farmer before applying to receive the Tiny Farmhouse. If considered for receipt of the tiny farmhouse, applicant must agree to a site visit.

In order to fulfill the requirements for receiving the tiny farmhouse, the farm must be a current member of Georgia Organics, be certified organic, and currently selling their products. The application review team will consider farm history and success, how the house will be used to generate revenue or save expenses, and how the farm will manage the installation and management of the tiny farmhouse in their decision. If after considering these factors you are still interested in applying to receive the Tiny Farmhouse, please fill out the application below.

Application deadline is Sunday, March 31, 2019. Final round applicants will be notified the first week of April for follow up phone interviews. The tiny farmhouse will be awarded in April.

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Farm Name
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Farm acreage
Annual Value of Sales
Is your farm profitable
How many years have you been farming?
Status of the land you farm
Are you a member of Georgia Organics?
Are you a veteran?
Do you have any certifications?
If none, how likely are you to pursue certification?
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What do you grow?
How do you currently sell farm products?
What are your ideal markets in the next five years?
Do you make or sell value-added projects?
Do you currently have a business plan?
Do you currently have a marketing strategy?
Please indicate all policies you currently hold
Briefly describe the site you have chosen for the Tiny Farmhouse, how it would be used, and how it will benefit your farming operation. Will the Tiny Farmhouse reduce costs in some way, provide an additional revenue stream, expand the operation, etc.?
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Who will be using this Tiny Farmhouse?
Please define and describe your farms successes.
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Please describe how ownership of a Tiny Farmhouse will be incorporated into your business plan. Include any relevant information, such as how set up costs will be absorbed, how logistics of set up and use will be handled, how revenues will be used, etc.
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