Lost Property Report: you will be contacted if your item is turned in to Campus Safety.
Please fill out this form and submit at the bottom.

Completing this form will file a Lost Property Report with the department of Campus Safety. We will use the information you provide to check our Lost and Found. Please complete with as much information as possible.

IF YOUR ITEM WAS STOLEN, DO NOT USE THIS FORM. Please contact Campus Safety at 507-933-8888 24-hours a day and let the dispatcher know you need to file a theft report with an officer. Please do not use this form for bicycles, a missing bicycle should be reported to Campus Safety as a theft.

If you have lost your Gustavus key(s) or ID, you do not need to report that here. When we find Gustavus keys, the Administrative Assistant is able to look-up who they belong to, and the owner will be contacted promptly. Employees should contact Campus Safety to report their keys lost. Students should call Residential Life (x7529) to report keys lost and/or have a temporary core put on your door. Any student IDs or items with identifying information, we will contact the owner. ID cards can be de-activated by the user on their Gustavus Accounts page.

Lost Property Reports are checked against incoming items. You will be contacted via your preferred method IF your item is found.

Name (note: if your name is on/in the item, you do not need to submit a form we will contact you if it's turned in)
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