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Howling For Wolves is looking across Minnesota for people willing to join together to stand up for the wolf. Meetings will be held every other month in Wolf Pack locations such as St. Cloud, Duluth, and the Twin Cities. Meetings will be an opportunity for us to band together, get to know each other, and learn about the current state of the wolf, things happening at the legislative level, current projects, and opportunities to get involved in outreach, education, and advocacy.

Members will be able to walk away from each meeting equipped with new knowledge, skills, and opportunities to help protect the wolf for future generations. In between meetings, you may receive email communications about further action plans, legislative developments, or other related communications. For those who are truly committed and would like to engage more regularly, we can organize virtual meetings using Google Hangouts and communicate via a Howling For Wolves Facebook group which will be created for each Wolf Pack.

Devon Bowker, our Projects Manager, will be responsible for planning and organizing these meetings and may be reached at
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