Reduced Course Load Form for International Students
International Students must request approval from the International Student Adviser before dropping any classes. Immigration regulations permit exceptions to the full-time registration requirement in very limited circumstances. Reduced course load can only be approved for one semester for academic reasons and once for the final semester during the student's degree program.
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U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations require international students to maintain valid status while attending a U.S. institution. Students must carry and complete the following hours per semester during their course of study:

12 Hours - Undergraduate Students
9 Hours - Masters Students
6 Hours - Graduate & Teaching Assistants

A student can reduce the number of hours during a semester for the reasons stipulated below. The International Student Adviser must approve a reduction in hours BEFORE the hours can be dropped by the student at service center. Please submit this form to the Office of International Programs. You will be notified of the outcome of your request via e-mail within one week after online submission.

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