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Please complete the order form by  filling in the answer box in each section.  When we receive your order, we will email you an invoice for payment. Information about each type of product will be posted above each section.  If you have any questions, feel free to call or text Russell Singleton at 803-934-6072 or email at  
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                                                     *** Product List ***   
 All our products are gluten-free and contain no fillers, artificial food coloring, MSG or sodium nitrite.                                                             
Breakfast Sausage
Packs are 1 lb each.  All breakfast sausage is sugar-free, except maple.
    *** Check Product List above for current availability. ****                                                                                       
1 pack
2 packs
3 packs
4 packs
5 packs
Mild bulk
Medium bulk
Hot bulk
Maple Patties (eight 2" patties/pack)
Mild Patties (eight 2" patties/pack)
Medium Patties (eight 2" patties/pack)
Specialty Sausage
Each pack is 4 large links and weighs 1 lb/pack.   ** indicates  sugar free.        
    *** Check Product List above for current availability. ****         
1 pack
2 packs
3 packs
4 packs
5 packs
Chorizo **
Garlic Bratwurst
Ghost Pepper Cheese
Jalapeno Cheddar
Jalapeno Garlic
Rosemary Garlic **
Spinach Garlic
Sweet Italian
Tomato Basil
Zesty Italian **
Cuts of Pork
                                  *** Check Product List above for current availability. ****                                                       
1 pack
2 packs
3 packs
4 packs
5 packs
Ground Pork (1 lb pack)
Bacon (Nitrite Free) (1 lb package)
Bacon Ends (1 lb package)
Boston Butt Roasts, fat cap & skin removed (2-3 lb average)
**OUT OF STOCK***Pork Chops (1" Center Cut)
Cutlets - thin, 1/4" boneless porkchops (approx 1 lb pk)
Dry Salted Fatback (1 lb packages)
Coarse Ground Leaf Fat (2 lb packages)
Rendered Leaf Lard (14 oz tub)
Bones for Soup/Broth (2 lb average)
Hearts, Livers or Kidneys (sizes vary)
Fresh Pork Belly 4"x8" (2 lb average)
**OUT OF STOCK**Fresh Ham Shanks
St Louis Ribs Half Rack (1.5-2.5 lb average)
St Louis Ribs Whole Rack (2.5-3.5 lb average)
Tenderloins (.75-1.5 lb average)
Dog Treats-baked bacon skin (1/2 lb pack) $5.95
Farm Fresh Eggs-1 dozen
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