MobileHCI 2019 Student Competition
This year, we are in partnership with JiNS MEME to seek participants who will push the boundaries of human sensing and cognitive capabilities with our human augmentation challenge!

In this year of the MobileHCI Student Competition, we envision the development of human augmentation schemes aimed at amplifying human cognition and processing power. Such devices will require advancements in three main areas: (1) Sensing hardware and algorithms: Multimodal sensing is expected to raise sensing capabilities to the next level; (2) Feedback: Researchers will develop feedback schemes that provide intuitive access to human participants; (3) AI: Sophisticated software solutions will make it possible to leverage multimodal sensing data via intelligent information processing.

For details, please visit the full call for participation:

Participate in the MobileHCI SC and showcase your creativity to leaders in the field, turn your ideas into reality, and win fabulous prizes.

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