TFA IQT Application- 2018-2019 FORM AND FEE DUE MAY 1
This form should be used to submit an application to host a TFA IQT during the 2018-2019 season.
Please note: your application is NOT complete until you send the $75 hosting fee to

TFA Treasurer Noah Recker
225 Bluebonnet Rd
La Vernia, TX 78121

Both your application and your fee are due May 1 (that's a received date, NOT postmark date).

**The above address is NOT where you have been sending checks in the past- please let your bookkeeper know!

Please note that you must pay TFA and TSCA dues by October 31.

A reminder of changes instituted last season:
1. Tournaments without experienced hosts must have a mentor sponsor their application. A letter of sponsorship may be emailed to If you are a new host, your application is incomplete until this letter is received. Please see page 58 of the constitution for more detail.
2. Tournament hosts will be required to do one of the following by Wednesday, 5pm CST following hosting a tournament:
- Publish full tabulation sheets and results online at Joy of Tournaments
- Submit a tabulation file (JoT, spreadsheet, etc...) to the IQT coordinator.
This document should include all data relevant to TFA events (competitors, ranks, placements, similar to the results section of Joy of Tournaments).

Name of School *
Remember- this school must be a TFA member!
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Name of Coach(es) *
The coach should be a TFA member, too. Only one coach needs to be a member.
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In which region are you located? *
School Phone *
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Address for your school
Please include city and zip
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Home Phone *
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Cell Phone *
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Email *
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Alternate Email
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Which weekend would you MOST prefer to host? *
Which weekend is your SECOND choice? *
And your THIRD choice? *
Is this a Friday, a Saturday, or a Friday/Saturday?
What qualifying events are you offering? (4 is the minimum) *
How many rounds of debate are you offering?
Include an estimate of prelims and elims (e.g. 4 rounds to octos or 3 rounds to quarters)
Your answer
What about IEs?
Same deal, how many rounds (e.g. 2 rounds to semis)
Your answer
And Congress?
How many sessions? Breaking to semis or finals?
Your answer
If you have never hosted before, please submit the names of 1 or 2 coaches who will serve as your mentor.
Remember, they must email Jason indicating their willingness to serve. Applications are incomplete if this is not submitted and you are a new host.
Your answer
Is this a swing?
If so, please indicate which school you plan on swinging with. BOTH HALVES OF THE SWING MUST APPLY SEPERATELY.
Your answer
Do you understand that your tournament must conform to all TFA rules as listed in the constitution? That this year you will have to submit full tabulation results, not just finals? And that your application isn't complete until the Treasurer gets your fee? And that the treasurer is changing so if you send your check to Jason instead of Noah he will laugh at you (all the way to the bank)? *
Have you secured support from your administration? Particularly your principal?
Once you hit submit, your answers will be sent into the interwebs and you will not be able to print this page, so print one now.
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