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Thank you for your interest in Juma! We are thrilled to explore the potential of having you join our Job Training program. Just so you know, Juma employs low-income young adults and provides them work and learning opportunities designed to help them get future employment and connection to education. At Juma it starts with the Job but its so much more!

Once you have completed the Interest Form, our Enterprise Manager (Michael Rivera) or Program Coordinator (Steven Cong will contact you to schedule a date & time for you to attend an Information Session at our JUMA Office.

Info Sessions will be held every Wednesday & Thursday between 4:30PM-5:30PM
Location: 131 Steuart Street Suite 201 San Francisco, CA 94105
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If you do not attend a school please put N/A. You do not need to attend a school to join our program.
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It's okay if you have! In fact, our program is about making sure you have the resources you need to be successful in work and/or school. We won't share info about your background with anyone outside our organization without your consent.
Do you come from a low-income household? *
Use the table below to estimate whether you come from a low-income household. NOTE: If you qualify for food stamps (TANF, EBT, etc.), government assisted housing, are in the Foster Care System, or are in transitional/temporary housing, then please select "Yes". Juma will never ask for proof of your response.
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