Youth Music Illinois Tuition Scholarship Application
Youth Music Illinois offers full or partial tuition scholarships to help students who would otherwise be unable to participate in YMI programs due to financial barriers. We strive to make our programs accessible for all young musicians regardless of available income.


Students requesting a tuition scholarship must meet the following eligibility guidelines:
1. Meet the Income Eligibility Guidelines that conform to the USDA’s Child Nutrition Program. Income thresholds can be found by visiting the USDA’s website here. Income guidelines are dependent on family size and household income.
2. Be enrolled in a YMI orchestra, Small Ensemble, or Chamber Music.
3. Be in good standing with the YMI organization. This includes no outstanding balances from previous seasons, no disciplinary marks, and successful completion of the previous season’s scholarship requirements (if applicable).
4. Make adequate musical progress on his/her instrument as evaluated by the YMI conductor or coach and the student’s private teacher. If the student is not studying privately, then the school music teacher will provide an evaluation of progress. If adequate musical progress is not made, then the student may not be eligible to receive a scholarship again in the future.
5. Perform for a YMI Donor Recital, if requested.


PLEASE NOTE: Tuition scholarships will only be awarded for orchestra, Small Ensemble Only, or Chamber Music Only tuition. If you are enrolled in an orchestra and Small Ensemble and/or Chamber Music, you are not eligible for tuition assistance for the Small Ensemble or Chamber Music. Each applicant will be notified in writing prior to the first rehearsal as to the status of their application. All information provided will be held in the strictest confidence. YMI reserves the right to request additional information.
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