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Briefly describe your submission for the Xanadu Quantum Software Competition software award. What Xanadu software libraries have you used, and how have you used/modified/extended them? What is your intended aim and impact for this project, and how do you intend for it to be used by the general public?
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Please provide the public link (including the https://) to the GitHub repository containing your award submission. Included code must be well documented, with code blocks adequately commented, and all functions/classes containing docstrings that accurately describe their function and all arguments/return values. Submission must also include a README text file describing the included code repository. This should include a thorough overview of your submission, benefits, how to install and use the Submission, and any technical details.
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This can include any relevant issues, text files, pdfs, or GitHub pull requests. Ensure that each URL is publicly accessible, and separate each URL below by a new line.
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