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Please include the dimension of each product. Feel free to send us an NDA if the info is confidential.
How many products are we capturing? *
Different color options of a product are considered as different products. For example, Product 1)Red Amped Pillow; Product 2) White Amped Pillow; Product 3) Blue Duvet Cover
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If you selected video/stop motion/GIFs only, please enter "-."
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If you selected photography or videos/GIFs only, please enter "-."
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If you selected photography or videos/stop motion videos only, please enter "-."
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A shot list is a checklist of each shot (or scene) you need to capture on the day of the shoot. If we will need to create one for you, additional fees will apply.
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Will you need prop shopping for the shoot? *
Prop shopping cost varies depending on complexity of the project.
Will this shoot require models? *
If yes, please specify what the model(s) will be doing. Just hands, body, or is his/her face also included in the visuals.
Where will these photos/videos be used? *
This is important for us to determine the licensing cost.
How long will the visuals be used for? *
Do you have a brand and/or photography guideline? *
Do you have any moodboard, or inspiration/examples you like? You can include website links, social media handles, or any examples here.  *
Or, are there any specific visuals on our site ( that you like? This will be helpful for us to gage the production/post-production time.
Do you have a deadline for when you need the project(s) delivered? *
This will help us create a timeline for the project. Our usual turnaround time will take 4-6 weeks, from planning to delivery of final visuals. Turnaround time will vary depending on the complexity of the project and our current workload. 
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Please include your budget for the entire shoot (ie. props or location rental, etc), not just photography/video. We will work with your budget!
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