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This project is connected to several main objectives and features of both Erasmus+ program

and its KA1. First of all, it supports professional development of youth workers and it provides them

with tools to facilitate learning and development of young migrants and refugees in different

contexts. Through its practical part, it stimulates their creative and innovative thinking in designing

experiential learning activities, based on young migrants and refugee’s needs and requirements for

their social inclusion.

Personal development, creativity and well-being have the potential of becoming the key outcomes

of a learning system that follows the right track. This “right track” involves the use of innovative

pedagogical methods, enjoyable and inspirational environments, collaborative learning that rests

on a competence-based and learner-centred approach. And because we are all different, education

needs to take into account the rich diversity of individuals. Only by being open to and accepting our

differences will we manage to reach out to disadvantaged groups, will we succeed in keeping

learners in the learning pathway and encourage a positive attitude towards learning throughout life.

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