Epi Writing Challenge 2021
The EpiWritingChallenge in 2018 was a four week challenge that included daily emails on topics ranging from how to set SMART goals, different productivity systems, and how to write clearer. You can learn more and read all the emails in blog post form here: http://www.baileydebarmore.com/epiwritingchallenge-about.html

The 2021 EpiWritingChallenge will be a bit different.
- Only 10 days (Mon - Fri, Jan 18 to 29)
- No sign-up, no emails
- Daily prompts posted on Twitter by @BaileyDeBarmore about writing and productivity

Prompts like..."What's the best writing advice you've ever received?" or "Post a picture of where you write best"

While Twitter will be the main social media hub for EWC2021, you can post, tag, and share on Instagram and Facebook, too.

Use this form to submit your ideas for daily prompts and be sure to tune-in for updates as we approach January 18th.

Looking forward to writing with you!

Write your prompt ideas below. *
Thanks so much!
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