River Chalets Check-in form
This electronic check-in form is designed to save you time upon check-in as well as reduce physical contact. Please be so kind and complete it and click "submit"at the end.
Email address *
Names and Surnames of ALL persons that will be staying with us (required as per COVID 19 regulations) i.e. if you are 5 people in the chalet, we need the names of all 5. *
May we take your temperature on arrival (as per COVID 19 regulations)? *
Home Country *
Contact number where we can reach you while in Namibia (required as per COVID 19 regulation) *
Contact number when not in Namibia
Where did you stay last night (name of establishment town and country, e.g. White House BB, Grünau, Namibia)? *
Where will you travel to when departing from us? (establishment, town, country) *
What is the purpose of your trip? *
Do you accept our terms and conditions, agree to abide by our house rules and agree to our indemnification? *
Please see https://riverchalets.com/electronic-check-in/ for details on the terms and conditions, indemnity and house rules. Thanks
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