QHologram 2070: Museum of Diversity
Hey dear,

I am happy to know you are interested in participating in my project called "QHologram 2070: Museum of Diversity", which is probably going to take place in Ljubljana in the beginning of June, during Pride Festival days.

This project is an imaginary vision of the world in 50 years from now, where any kind of discrimination has no place on it. It represents the concept of how vulnerable social groups were treated back in 2020. The topics that we together will try to touch on are various such as homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, xenophobia/racism/racial discrimination, sexism, femmephobia, antisemitism, ageism, ableism, slut shaming, body shaming, HIV stigma, whorephobia.

The main goal is to raise awareness about all these topics and educate the audience through this experience. The space will be divided into some rooms and each room will tell a story of a certain topic that is related to discrimination, bullying, oppression, abuse or violence that our performers have experienced so far, based on who they are. Through the spaces, visitors will have the chance to experience a tour that narrates the situation of minority groups 'back in 2020'.

If you desire to be part of the team which is going to stage a museum where guests will have the chance to experience the first queer hologram in Slovenia, you are invited to fill out the application form. The idea is to cooperate with locals or even expats and let them create and offer a piece of art to their local LGBTQIA+ community. There will certainly be some exceptions.

Please have in mind that the writing of the project is still in progress, so it is difficult to provide you publicly with more information. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or need clarifications, contact me at: avraam.vrohidis@gmail.com

Be yourself and SHINE!

Avraam Vrohidis
Important Note *
Before you continue, I need to let you know that we are going to apply for a grant, so we can make "QHologram 2070" happen. That means that it is not 100% sure yet that this project is going to happen. We invite you to apply in advance tho, because it is required to have the names of the persons who are going to be involved in this project. Fingers crossed!
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