RaceBase Volunteers
With all of our events, we donate a percentage of the registration to charity. Benefactors have included RUN and Free To Run. We will be working with other charities at our events this year.

Volunteer benefits:
- a RaceBase cap,
- an event tee shirt for volunteers only,
- transportation costs,
- food and drink at the events,
- guaranteed entry to any of our events,
- discounted entry to any of our events,
- a certificate highlighting what you did and the money the event raised for charity,
- and finally a hug from the race team!

Please add yourself to the volunteers group that we have set up on Facebook:
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Race Duties
With all races there are a wealth of different opportunities ranging from a few hours to all day. Please let us know what your preference is.
What would you like to do at the event?
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