Artist Academy Interest Form--10th - 12th 2020
10th, 11th, and 12th Grade students interested in joining the Artist Academy program at HCA, please fill out this interest form.
Student Full Name (First and Last) *
Student Email (personal email-or best way to get in touch) *
Student Status: *
Why do you want to join the Artist Academy at HCA? *
What inspires you currently in your art and art skills? *
What are your current future plans in art? (Please describe if you're interested in going to art school, becoming an art educator, another career field connected with art and creativity, personal interest and development, etc.) *
The Artist Academy program at HCA requires successful completion of a course of study as laid out in the program description. For incoming 10th, 11th and 12th grade students, the program requirements have been modified for the 2020 year start. A student interested in the program will be informed of what remaining courses will fulfill the requirements of study via a letter. This program includes a senior portfolio. Students must also complete their regular required coursework for graduation in the State of Illinois. By acknowledging below, you are indicating that you understand that the program requirements are modified and that the course of study determined by the administration to fulfill the modified requirements will be sent to you via a letter. *
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