BHS Career Connections Application
This is the application for students interested in participating in the Career Connections program. You will be contacted by Mrs. Morris to set up an interview.
Please complete ALL information below in order to apply for the program.

Requirements that you must meet:
**Have an identified career goal
**Must be a junior or senior & at least 16 years old
**Provide your own dependable transportation to/from job site
**Maintain good attendance record
**Be willing to take high school and technical/college courses related to future employment within the identified career area
**Be on track for graduation

Carroll County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in its programs or employment practices.
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Are you currently employed? *
If NO, what types of job/internships are you interested in pursuing?
If NO, is it a requirement for you to be paid at a job/internship?
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If YES, you are employed, please list business name & address:
If YES, about how many hours a week do you currently work per week?
Do you currently (or will you have) a vehicle & school parking permit to travel to work? *
If not, how do you plan to get to/from work?
When do you prefer to be released from school? *
Please list any previous work experience, community service, training, and/or skills you have: *
Briefly explain why you want to participate in the Career Connections program: *
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Teacher Recommendations - Please list the names of three teachers who will provide a recommendation for you to participate in the CC program.
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