CMS Data User Survey
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Which data are currently used to implement the forestry programs?
Check all that apply
What are the strengths of the data currently used? Short Answer
What are the limitations of the data currently used? Short Answer
Which aspect of environmental data is most essential to your organization mission?
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Which application would benefit most from high-resolution LiDAR data?
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What are the key science questions your organization needs answers to that may or may not be addressed by ongoing research? Short Answer
Which type of institution do you work for?
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What is the spatial scope of your work?
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What is the typical timeframe for making policy or programmatic decisions in your work?
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How would you characterize your data use?
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Of the following thematic groups, which is your work more actively relevant to?
How often, if ever, do you currently use satellite remote sensing data?
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What area of coverage is best for your analysis?  
If your analysis requires information at multiple levels of coverage, please check as many as apply.
What type of documentation or data outreach have you found most helpful in the past?
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Are you familiar with the Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) data products (e.g.) and documentation available via the CMS website (link)?
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Are you a professional or scientist with training, expertise or experience related to deriving or modeling environmental information?
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Are you a manager or decision maker whose organization is interested in forest ecology or other environmental observations for their systems or processes?
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How many years have you been professionally engaged with environmentally related work?
What software do you use to process remote sensing imagery
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