Registration to BrainGymnastics Fall Break STEAM Camp 2020
We are delighted that you have shown interest in our BrainGymnastics AT&L Fall Break STEAM Camp 2020. AT&L Stockholm recognizes the importance of building the curiosity of young minds to learn, be stimulated with different hands-on activities through experimentation and project making nurturing their primary academic skills.

BrainGymnastics AT&L Fall Break STEAM Camp 2020
Age: 5 -12 y/o
Instructors: Trained Camp Leaders
Language: English or Swedish
Date: Oct 26 - Oct 29

The Fall Break STEAM Camp will take extra precaution to ensure that participants and Camp Leaders are in full compliance with the interim COVID-19 guidance set by the local authorities.

You may choose to attend
* Full 4-day Program:  3,400 SEK (including Annual card to Skansen)
* Day 1 - Rocket Science: 900 SEK
* Day 2 - A STAR is Born!: 900 SEK
* Day 3 - Mini-Robots: 900 SEK
* Day 4 - Treasure Hunt: 900 SEK

If you prefer to pay with credit card or using Klarna please visit

* 10% discount for siblings
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