Arts & Crafts Vendor Registration 2021
Feb. 5-7, 2021
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Applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.
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Preferred Operating Hours: Fri. 5pm (or earlier if set up); Sat. 10 am; Sun. 10am BOOTH TAKE-DOWN: SUNDAYMust have permission to take down early.
Please Read!
In order to be considered as a vendor, you must provide atleast three (3) photos with a detailed list and description of your merchandise with this application. If you have participated in other vendor events photos of your booth set up would be acceptable. If you have beenna vendor in prior years and have submitted photos in the past you will not need to send photos UNLESS you have changed your product. Call Chairman for application approval before validating payment has processed.
Please select the category (ies) that best describe your merchandise: *
No sales of weaponry will be allowed! This includes knives and guns . This does not include wooden toy guns or soft cloth arrows. *
Adult Nudity items, including beads, should not be displayed in an open area where children can see them. The Krewe of Hebe reserves the right to ask vendors to remove or move these types of items. Vendors who do not comply will be shut down. No refund will be given. The Krewe of Hebe will not be responsible for any stolen or damaged displays, equipment or merchandise. *
Total Amount Owed: (Will be billed at email address above. Instructions will be included.)
SET UP: Starting Friday, February 5th @ 11:00am to 4:00pm
Referred By: *
* We will limit the number of vendors with the same type. Please get your applications in early.
Have you participated as a vendor with Mardi Gras in Jefferson, Texas? *
Which year(s)?
Please ensure that you have also filled out and prepared the City of Jefferson's Merchant Permit. Linked on the forms page. For more information: Contact: Brooklyn Bradley – LaFleur | Phone: 903.930.5060 | Email:
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