The chip bag Network
All winter, The Chip Bag Project will be seeking and accepting chip bag (or monetary) donations in efforts to reach, or exceed, their goal of creating 60 sleeping bags for the home-free population which will take a total of 10,000 chip bags.

Why chip bags? Science has shown chip bags to not only be great insulators but also durable and lightweight making them easy to travel with from place to place when one has access to limited transportation resources.

Why Join the Network?
The chip bag project understands that more communities than ours are in need. In order to keep the integrity of the project, ( make sure people aren't misusing funds, impersonating the project for press or money, or selling the bags for personal gain) we only release the guide to those who join the network.

Since we are living in the times of COVID-19 we cannot easily have volunteer events and pack people into space, so we have to be a little more creative.

At home base we receive an influx of donations, joining the network will give you access to those donations, as well as access to our volunteer pool, social media support, access to classes and training, and access to the step by step guide on how to make the bags.

To Make sure we can support you with shipping, we are asking that each chapter pay a due fee of $20 to start your chapter. This payment will give you access to your first 2 sleeping bag kits, as well as a how-to guide, a donation box for your area, regularly required training, and monetary support ( if needed), your own social media.

We will also help you completely start your chapter:

- Donation: ( Volunteers in this department will be in charge of picking up donations from our various sites, and sorting and washing any used clothes donations) This section will involve driving and washing clothes as needed. Since we have donation sites in every part of Metro Detroit we will assign volunteers accordingly to minimize driving time.
- Assembly line: (This part would involve the taking of chip bags, ripping them open, washing them, and ironing. Since each bag takes approx. 4 hours to construct each volunteer will only be responsible for the creation of one bag at a time.) If you chose this section you will be given time to pick up supplies and a bag will be given to you that has approx, 150 bags in it along with plastic sheeting.
- Distribution: We will be driving all around the city and giving them out to people we see outside first.
- Press and Donation request: This person will be in charge of calling all the big factories and coordinating when they will be delivering their old or miss printed bags.

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