Prom Wrist Corsage & Pin-On Boutonniere Order Form
We custom design each piece based on your flower choice and match the overall design feel to the star of the show - the dress!
2018 Base Prices
Flower Type *
What type of flower would you like to feature in your Prom corsage/boutonniere?
Flower Color *
What color would you like the flower to be?
Order *
Will you be ordering flowers as a corsage+bout set, or individually?
Ribbon *
Choose what kind of ribbon you prefer as the base of the wrist corsage.
Wristlet *
Select the type of wristlet you would like the corsage built on.
Dress Color *
According to the color charts shown above, what color is the dress? (If no dress, tell us the color of the Tux VEST here)
Dress (or Vest) Fabric *
What kind of fabric is the dress?
What is the main color of the Tux (not the vest color)?
Metallic Accents *
Are there any metallic accents to your jewelry, dress, or shoes?
Gems *
Does the jewelry, dress, or shoes have clear or colored rhinestones?
Sequins *
Are there any sequins on the jewelry, dress, or shoes?
If you have custom requests or questions, please let us know here.
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School *
What school's prom will you be attending?
Date of Prom *
Please tell us what day your prom will be held.
Pick-Up *
We offer two blocks of time to pick-up your order, please select one. Your order will NOT be ready before your pick-up time, as we create everything fresh!
First Name #1 *
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Last Name #1 *
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Prom Date's Name
If applicable
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Phone # *
For us to call if we have questions.
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What email address should we send the confirmation to?
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