Multicultural Children's Book Day 2020 Book Donator Sign-Up
Greetings! Thank you for agreeing to donate copies of your diverse children's or YA books to our non-profit to support our mission of getting these books into the hands of parents, teachers, and librarians. We appreciate you!
MCBD 2020 (January 31st)
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What is a “Multicultural Children’s Book?” • Books that contain characters of color as well as characters that represent a minority point of view. Children need to “find themselves” within the pages of the books they read. • Books that share ideas, stories and information about cultures, race, religion, language and traditions. • Books that embrace our world and offer children new ways to connect to a diverse and richer world.
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(The MCBD with provide names and addresses of Reviewer to you when the Matching Process begins in November)
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R Flansburg (MCBD) PO BOX 2814 Baxter Mn 56425
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AFTER COMPLETION OF THIS FORM: For our last MCBD we had over 800+ book reviewers reviewing multicultural books and those reviews were added to a huge link-up on the MCBD site. There are no guarantees that we will be able to match your book to a reviewer(s) but if we are able, we will provide you with names and addresses and you mail your book directly to the reviewer(s). ***Before we take this step, our review committee would need to see a sample of your book(s). All books that will be offered to reviewers need to be approved first. If that is acceptable, send a copy to the below address. The book you send will then be donated to a classroom. Becky Flansburg MCBD PO BOX 2814, Baxter MN 56425
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