Events 2012 Twitter Dataset Agreement

Please fill out the information below, after which you will be given information on how to download the dataset.

Any organization that is found to have violated the terms of the Agreement may be denied future access to datasets published by the Multimedia Information Retrieval group at the University of Glasgow, and if the Twitter Terms of Services are found to have been broken, a report will also be submitted to Twitter.

1. The information may only be used for research and development of data mining, natural language processing and information retrieval systems.

2. You understand that by using this dataset, you are bound by the conditions outlined in the Twitter API Terms of service (

3. You may not redistribute the dataset. Summaries, analysis and interpretations of the properties of the information may be published, provided that it is not possible to reconstruct the original information from these summaries.

4. Small excerpts may be displayed or published in a scientific or technical context if the sole purpose is to describe the research or development.

5. Any data must be deleted within 30 days should a request to delete be given by either the dataset creators or the owner of the copyright for a particular element.

6. The organization must control access to the information, and can only grant access to people working under its control. The organization is responsible for any breach of the Agreement by individuals under its control.

7. The dataset creators hold no liability in respect to infringement of patents or rights of other third parties resulting from the use of the dataset. The dataset creators will not be held responsible, alone or jointly, for any loss, damage or injury resulting from any use of the dataset.

I agree, acting of behalf of and representing my organization, to the terms defined above and accept this agreement.

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