SBC Student Ride Out (open date)
We are planning to run a free ride out for students only (and those who contributed in a fundraiser to support our team). Please fill and send this questionnaire to join our FREE Superbike-Coach student ride out. This helps us to organize: date; headcount, grouping, and much more
Email address *
First name, Last name? *
Did you do a SBC class? *
Did you contribute to the fundraiser? *
Which bike type are you going to use for the ride out? *
Bike type (sport, tour, cruise, adv, dirt)
Would you contribute drinks/snacks etc? *
(an idea for now is to even have some sausages grilled somewhere along the route)
Would you have someone who would like to join with a car (as a following support vehicle)? *
Wanna bring a passenger? *
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