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3. Are there any circumstances , school experiences  or people  who have influenced your life? Explain.  Please include if you are a first generation college bound student and how that has had an impact. *
4. Describe and explain one accomplishment  while at HSFI (It can be an academic or personal accomplishment). *
5. List any AP Classes  and or College Now classes that you have completed or are currently enrolled in. *
6.  What extracurricular activities , sports or volunteer work do you participate in at HSFI, and or outside of school? 
Be specific! include amount  of years you have done the activity and or volunteer work and include what you did. Please include amount of years or months that you have done the activity and what you did in that activity. 
7.  What do you want to major in? What career are you interested in? *
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9.  What type of activities , clubs, sports, are you interested in joining while in college? *
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