Abortion Experiences Survey WA
This survey aims to collect info on people's experiences with pregnancy termination services in Western Australia.

We will be using the info to make recommendations to the State Government on how to further improve accessibility, cost and quality of care.

All answers are confidential and will not be shared without express permission.
You do not have to share any identifiable information about yourself or the treatment you received.
We have included a section to do so if you would like us to get in contact with you, but it is entirely optional.

If you wish to contact us directly you can email us at: abortionprojectwa@gmail.com

Thank you so much for participating,

Gemma & Marije

Have you ever considered terminating a pregnancy?
If yes, which health care provider did you contact?
Did your physician provide you with a referral for a termination?
If you doctor refused to provide a referral (or any other fertility control services), did they inform you before you appointment?
If your doctor refused to provide a referral, did you still have to pay for the appointment?
Did you feel supported by the doctor you dealt with? If you encountered any problems you can detail them here.
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Did you decide to go forward with the termination?
Were you already aware of the out of pocket costs for pregnancy terminations in Western Australia?
Were the high costs a problem for you?
Do you think abortion services should be provided for free under Medicare in Public Hospitals?
Did you encounter any protesters at the clinic or hospital you visited?
If yes, how did that affect your experience?
Your answer
A Safe Access Zone is an area (often 150m) around a clinic that needs to remain clear from protesters. It makes it illegal for protesters to harass staff and patients as well as for them to breach privacy by taking photographs or videos. Protesters may still protest outside of that area, for example at Parliament. Do you think a Safe Access Zone around clinics that provide terminations is a good idea?
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Please feel free to share any other experiences or suggestions here
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If you would like us to get in contact with you, please enter your details below
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