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Imagine 1,000+ people in our State Capitol on January, 11, 2017 all together setting the agenda for the 2017 Legislative session! We need to raise the heat! This is an inclusive effort of Black, Brown, Muslim, Christian, LGBTQAI, Union, Democrat, Republican, Green, Teachers, Clergy, Students, and more...so much is at stake. It's time to rise! Over 100 people and many organizations from around the state began planning this fall to build a coalition of people to stand in the capital as a united front. WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US!

Please visit the FB event page "Kansas People's Agenda 2017"* for details--we'll post an event website, contacts, and logistics details. *up by Friday 12/16 You can learn more about the agenda there, order a t-shirt, and invite more people.. But we need to know that you're coming!

The building opens at 8 a.m. We need folks to arrive by 9:30. 1000+ people takes time to process and get situated! There will be other things to do, also--visiting your legislator, sitting in on a committee meeting, sightseeing in our beautiful capital, and more. You can contact one of the members of the organizing team by e-mailing us at:

kspeoplesagenda@gmail.com and visiting our website at http://www.kansaspeoplesagenda.org/

The issues that are part of the agenda are:

Racial & Indigenous Justice
Economic Justice
Adequate & Equitable Public Education
Healthcare Access
Anti-Corruption Policy
Environmental Stewardship & Sustainable Agriculture
Criminal Justice Reform
Gender Equity
Responsible Gun Policy
LGBT Rights
Voting Rights
Immigrant Rights
Infrastructure Investment
Children Protection
Religious Freedom

http://www.loudlight.org/kpa/shirt You can order a t-shirt here! These need to be ordered by 12/28...They'll make great presents. Union made.
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Kansas People's Agenda 2017
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