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Hello my fabulous readers!

My name is Danny Lenihan and I am the author of Rogue, The Bleeds and now Enemy. Enemy is a continuation of the Rogue story (and The Bleeds are short stories that are prequels to Rogue), and goes to final edit on 11th June.

I am expecting the final book to be ready for ARC distribution around the middle of July, and I am now expanding my ARC team ahead of this.

For those of you that sign up, I will send ebook/pdf versions of Rogue and The Bleeds to you immediately, so that you have the opportunity to read them before the follow-on comes out.

My only expectation is that you provide a review of Enemy at the end of the process. I would, of course, love for you to review Rogue and The Bleeds also, but this is not compulsory. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to these conditions.

ENEMY: Book 2 of The Rogue Series

Earth stands on the brink of doom, but hope lies in the Bertram Ramsay Space Station, evacuating seven million survivors.

Jaxon Leith is struggling to recover from the explosion that rocked Compression, halting the evacuation and leaving two million legitimate occupants stranded on Earth.

Together with the rest of the covert operations team, Jaxon continues the mission to neutralise the station's biggest threat: The Acolytes of Gaia.

The AoG are a malevolent group of zealots whose only mission is to destroy the station. As tragedy strikes close to home and AoG secrets begin to unravel, Jaxon comes perilously close to death, as he grapples with an unseen enemy to protect the station and its inhabitants.

In a gripping climax of sacrifice and resilience, Jaxon must confront the ultimate dilemma: to save himself or the lives of everyone aboard the Bertram Ramsay.

"Enemy" is a pulse-pounding space thriller of intrigue, betrayal, and unbreakable bonds that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, as Jaxon Leith's epic struggle for survival continues to captivate.
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