Understanding needs of creators
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We are a team looking to learn more about the day-to-day life, pain points and needs of creators to inform a product we are building. Your honest answers are greatly appreciated.

*Creators include anyone who is creating content - through videos, courses, livestreaming, photography, art, memes, comics, etc and on platforms such as Facebook, IG, Twitch, TikTok, LinkedIn, your personal website and any others.
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Hello, what's your name and username? If you have a few, please list which. (Jack, @gamerboy94 Facebook, @gamerzz Instagram) *
What's your gender? *
Country? *
Which channel(s) do you use? Please choose max. 3 primary channels that you focus on. Feel free to also list other platforms you use (e.g. Spotify, Pinterest, Linkedin, your website) *
What's your follower or subscriber count? Please fill in across your channels -e.g. Instagram (1k), TikTok (2k) *
What genre(s) do you focus on? (such as Art, Gaming, Sports & Fitness, Start-ups, Singing, Comedy, Beauty, Wellness etc). Choose up to 3 if you do several genres. *
How often are you creating content? *
What does your day-to-day as a creator look like? If you are creating content full-time, help us list what your day-to-day looks like. If you are creating content part-time or leisurely, list what forms the majority of your content creation hours (e.g. shooting videos, editing videos, copywriting, managing brands and sponsorships) *
If you have a full-time job or commitments (outside of content creation), let us know what they are! Put NA if none. *
If you have other full-time job or commitments, what got you to start creating content on the side? *
What is your #1 pain point as a content creator? *
#2 pain point? *
#3 or even #4, #5 pain points? (we know there can be many at times!)
Why are they pain points? What is difficult? *
How have you tried to solve your pain points so far? *
How have these methods helped or not helped? Any ideas why? *
What is your #1 goal you have set for yourself? (Be it financial, follower or subscriber goals, sponsors anchoring, certain stage you want to make it to, etc) *
#2 goal? *
How do people or followers usually manage to find you / hear of you? If you have no idea, feel free to take a guess. *
Have you joined any community for creators before? What kind of community was it? Did it have any impact or results (metrics or business) for you? Please feel free to share any thoughts about your experience. *
Is revenue an important goal? If yes, could you share how you have done so far? (You can share exact figures or a range, and let us know how you feel about it versus your ideal.) *
What are your Top 3 sources of revenue? *
Thanks for your responses to the above questions! They will go a long way to helping us understand the needs of creators.
We would also love to follow up with you for chats to understand your responses better if you'd allow us to. Please also indicate if you would like to be kept in the loop when we launch our product beta.
Will you be interested in a follow-up chat with us? We will get in touch to learn more about your responses. *
Will you like to be kept in the loop when we release our product beta that's aimed at helping creators with their pain points? *
Last and most importantly, please help us spread this survey by sending it to your friends who are also existing creators or aspiring creators (follower or subscriber count does not matter). Thanks! *
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