Diving Medicine Summer School Rijeka, Croatia - Application Form
This is the application form which you have to fill out in order to participate in our Summer School.

Please read these conditions, requirements and cancellation policy before applying!

• Only foreign (not Croatian or studying in Croatia) Medical students will be accepted. If you are a Medical student in time of your application you can still participate even if you graduate before the DMSS actually starts.
• Sufficient knowledge of English language to understand medical lectures.
• Ability to swim.
• General good health (before your first dive you will be examined by one of our doctors to see if you are fit to dive, if the doctor deems you unfit you will not be allowed to dive, but you can participate in everything else, although there will be no refund for the diving class).
• Certificates will be awarded only to those who attend all days of the programme and follow all the rules and regulations set by our diving instructors.

• Filled application form before the above mentioned dates
• Payed fee (for early registration until 1.4., and for late until 1.5.).
• Proof of Enrollment in your Faculty of Medicine.
• A photo of you.
• A digital scanned copy of your passport (or ID for EU citizens).
• Signed Responsibility Agreement.

No need to send any documents or make any payments before we contact you by e-mail, just fill out this form!

Cancellation policy
• Cancellation until 15.4. - full refund.
• Cancellation 15.4 . - 1.5. - 50% refund.
• Cancellation after 1.5. - no refund.

For early registrations we will review your application and notify you about your possible acceptance no later than on 24.3. and for late registrations no later than 21.5. However, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible because the 16 places might easily be filled before those dates. You will receive an e-mail for all further information about payment, possible visas and a responsibility agreement, no need to do anything, besides filling out this form, before we contact you.

For all further information please read our Invitation package which was attached with this application form or send an e-mail to divingschool@cromsic.hr.

By filling in this form, you may willingly provide your personal information (name, email etc.) to CroMSIC. The use of the information provided in the form will be in line with your response in the form and will not be used for any other purpose. The personal data provided will be stored until 30th of September 2019. If you want us to remove your personal data before, you can request that by sending an email to divingschool@cromsic.hr or president@cromsic.hr. The personal data will be accessible by the DMSS Organization Committee and, if selected, by a few other CroMSIC members. Not filling the form means you will not be able to be considered as applicant for the DMSS.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact divingschool@cromsic.hr or president@cromsic.hr.

We are looking forward to reading your applications!

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